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Central County Emergency 911 Board approves FY2015 budget

By: Jim Erickson

As last year wound down to an end, the Central County Emergency 911 Board of Directors approved the organization’s 2015 budget, which is expected to result in a small increase in the organization’s unallocated fund balance by the end of next year.

With projected revenues of $7.3 million, operational expenditures of $5.95 million and non-operational costs of nearly $1.227 million, the end result should be a $123,000 addition to CCE’s fund balance, boosting that account to $1.37 million.

The 2015 budget includes an almost $351,000 principal payment on a line of credit the Ellisville-based center established in 2013 to help pay for a major expansion. The center also used more than $1.2 million of its reserves to finance that growth.

Employee salaries and benefits will be some $3.3 million in 2015 and represent CCE’s largest expense item. Telephone communications services of more than $1.5 million and capital outlays of $486,000 – with most going for computer software upgrades – are other major expenditures budgeted in 2015.

In recent years, CCE’s board has included one representative from each of the six fire and EMS districts that have an ownership interest in the center. Other districts and departments contract with the center for dispatch services. Effective in 2015, CCE’s board will drop to five members when one of its current owners, the Meramec Ambulance District, becomes a contract entity.

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