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Bike-riding liberals

To the Editor:

Pedal bike riders must have a sense of entitlement.

They must feel that the overwhelming mass of people who drive cars should cater to their bike riding, which supersedes normal courtesy and public safety caution.

As someone who rides often, I understand the love of bike riding. I ride for fitness and fun.

We are very blessed in West County and St. Charles County to have excellent, paved, well-maintained bike trails.

The trail around Creve Coeur Lake, connecting with the Katy Trail is awesome.The Chesterfield Levee Trail behind the Hardees IcePlex in Chesterfield Valley is very good and once the new bridge is completed, will be phenomenal.

Why don’t bike riders use these instead of the roads?

One thing is absolutely certain: Bike riding should be prohibited by law on Marine Avenue, Creve Coeur Mill Road and Wild Horse Creek Road. There are two reasons why.

One, it is flat-out dangerous for people driving cars having to deal with these elitist riders who are in the road. Repeating, they are in the roadway. When the sun is out, there are times you will not see these people until you are almost right on them and the only thing the car driver is doing is driving his or her car on a road that was designed for exactly that purpose.

Two, bike riders on these roads interfere with commerce. Bike riders interfere with the public trying to get from one place to another, thus impacting their ability to transact business. And again, why? All because these elitists think they are entitled to interfere with the normal mode of transportation.

Marine Avenue, Creve Coeur Mill Road and Wild Horse Creek Road are not country roads with the occasional car passing by. They are heavily traveled. Drivers should not have to worry about bike riders getting in their way.

I have actually been riding on Creve Coeur Trail adjacent to Creve Coeur Mill Road and I see bike riders out on the road. Why, when the very safe trail is right there? Why do they not just use the trail? Is it simply because they feel they are too cool, or more accurately, entitled to ride on the road?

I was coming up the big hill on Marine Avenue on a recent Sunday morning, slowly moving behind about 10 cars and what was the hold-up? Yep, some entitled biker was riding up the hill.

The other day I saw a guy riding on Olive. Mind you, there is a shoulder, but where was he? You guessed it, in the traffic lane.

Please understand, I think these bike riders should be allowed to ride wherever they wish between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m., but the better solution to this specific attack on public safety would be to prohibit bike riding on the streets I have named and any others where the impact on the majority of people is significant, like Clayton Road, for example.

With the wonderful bike trails available in St. Louis and St.Charles counties, there is simply no rational reason to allow this entitlement to appease the few at the expense of the majority.

Elected officials from Chesterfield, Wildwood, Maryland Heights, St. Louis County and the State of Missouri need to show some accountability and exhibit some rational thought. They need to act accordingly and take action. The last thing we need them to do is nothing.

My advice? Do not go milquetoast into the night. Do your job.

Rob Schultz


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