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West County FPD personnel lauded

By: Jim Erickson

Personnel of the West County EMS/FPD took center stage at the district’s Board of Directors meeting on Sept. 9.

Three firefighter/paramedics received promotions, three others were recognized for their life-saving efforts and two others joined the department.

The promotions came about as a way to expand the district’s training efforts. Promoted to captain to be in charge of training on West County’s three work shifts were veteran firefighter/paramedics Dave Klump, Dan Burnett and Kevin Smith.

According to Dave Cobb, board chairman, the district has wanted to increase its emphasis on training and opted to promote three qualified employees to achieve that goal instead of hiring additional personnel.

Cobb noted that West County’s ongoing training efforts paid off in an unexpected way during an exercise last month at House No. 2. During a training program, a participating member of the Creve Coeur Fire Protection District suffered a cardiac arrest. The response of four West County firefighter/paramedics in providing emergency care at the scene and while rushing the stricken man to the hospital was credited with saving his life.

Recognized at the board meeting for their efforts were the just-promoted Klump, Eric Heimos, Rob Hollman and Brian Heppermann.

In addition, it was announced that Corey Meyer and John Craig have joined West County as firefighter-paramedics to fill positions created by two recent resignations.

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