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Ellisville adopts smoking ban in public parks

Those looking for a smoke in Ellisville are going to have to watch where they light up. The City Council recently passed an ordinance prohibiting smoking in the city’s public parks, except within certain areas.

The ordinance states this is to “preserve the quality and enjoyment of its parks and recreation facilities for all that utilize these public areas,” and prohibits all smoking in city parks except when standing on parking lots and in designated smoking areas chosen by the council.

Mayor Adam Paul brought the topic before the council, which talked about the issue in several consecutive workshop discussions. Paul said he realized the city didn’t have an ordinance against smoking in public parks when he was at a playground in the city with his children, and saw someone smoking inside the playground area. Paul said he has also received complaints from residents at Ellisville’s concerts and events about cigarette and cigar smoke.
“At the end of the day we want to make sure that public safety and public health are priority number one,” Paul said.

Paul said Ellisville emulated a Chesterfield ordinance, which prohibits smoking on parks, trails and in city facilities.

“[The Chesterfield ordinance] is the one that we chose to emulate just because of their testimony of it being a non-issue and a problem solver,” Paul said.



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