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Chesterfield is a hockey town

In June 2016, just seven months ago, five Chesterfield-based hockey players were selected in the first round of the NHL draft. Of those five, four were taken in the top 15 picks. You know who else had four of the top 15 picks? Canada. We tied Canada.

Fourteen area players who were born in 1982 or later have garnered NHL ice time. For 30 years prior to their births, there was just one.

Chesterfield is officially a hockey town, but that title is in jeopardy.

Before long, the Hardee’s Iceplex will be torn down to make way for a Top Golf driving range. But Chesterfield is a hockey town.

The Chesterfield Hockey Association has put forth a proposal to build a new facility in the Chesterfield Valley, with an optimistic opening date of 2018. There is much work to be done to turn those plans into reality, including a vote to extend some TDD financing options.

The St. Louis Blues and St. Louis County Parks are proposing another facility in Creve Coeur Park. To paraphrase Chesterfield Hockey Association Chairman Mark Kraus, both rinks are needed. We agree.

Not to pat ourselves on the back again, but since our town just tied Canada for the number of top 15 NHL draft picks, isn’t it logical to assume that St. Louis hockey, and more specifically, West County hockey, could support both facilities? We think it is.

Let’s drop the puck. West Newsmagazine supports the building of a new Chesterfield ice rink – and the one in Creve Couer, too.

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