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Second Half Coach

Just like players in the second half of a football game, people over 40 are considered to be in their second half of life.  That’s when Dan Sides, founder of Second Half Coach, gives clients a speech to get them ready for the next half.  Even though everyone knows how the game ends, he emphasizes there’s still time to make the most of the journey.

Watching his father spend his last years in a full-care facility left a lasting impression on Dan. He made the commitment he would not “go out that way” and vowed to help others who felt the same. It was his “declaration of independence.”

After studying all aspects of aging for six years, Dan concluded many people are resigned to the fact they will require care during their twilight years. Desiring to change that viewpoint, Dan directed his lifelong entrepreneur and business owner skills, along with his hobbies of powerlifting and motorcycle drag racing, into Second Half Coach.

The mission of his business is to inspire, motivate, and educate people on how to make the second half their best half by keeping control and maintaining independence. He does not suggest reckless behavior but he is a strong proponent of taking action, physically, mentally, and financially.  The sooner the better.

Dan is certified by the NASM as an exercise and weight loss specialist and working toward completion of massage certification.  A full service web site is under development.  At his private studio there are many services offered, including personal training and exercise education, diet, therapeutic massage, boxing/cardio, life and business coaching and more.

For more information call Dan and “like” the Second Half Coach Facebook page.


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