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Personal guide to the world

Guidester solves the overwhelming problem of travel planning by creating customized guidebooks based on individualized interests, needs and travel style. Jack Baumann, founder and CEO, formed Guidester to share his travel expertise acquired from visiting more than 30 countries and 300 cities to help people make richer and more rewarding memories.

Passionate about local culture, the staff understands the desire to see well-known sites but they also want to make sure clients feel the excitement associated with finding hidden treasures off the beaten path. They curate the best information from reputable local bloggers, writers and discerning experts like themselves.

The Guidester books contain unbiased recommendations and include details ranging from tipping etiquette to public transportation to ensure a genuine taste of local culture. The staff spends time getting to know each traveler personally by studying travel styles and interests as well as other special needs, such as dietary restrictions or wheelchair accessibility, then matches  travel activities accordingly. Clients are assured every effort is made to build a comprehensive guidebook specifically designed for them in mind using insight and expertise.

The electronic guidebook includes functionality and interactive features that no other product or service can match. Clients not only save time on planning, they also maximize value while traveling and gain a keen understanding of the people and places they visit. Guidester’s services are affordably priced, especially when compared to the potential loss of time and money due to unforeseen circumstances or lack of information that can easily occur during a trip.

Guidester is launching a Kickstarter campaign on July 26 to help bring additional creative projects to life for area travelers and all are invited to participate.



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