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Custom for the contemporary man

Established in 1989 by David Corbitt, Bespoke Apparel is a custom clothier dedicated to designing tailored-made looks for each individual.

Recognizing that wardrobe needs of men have evolved in recent years, Bespoke Apparel provides all the necessary elements beyond the professional suit, from sportswear to tailored clothing, without sacrificing luxury quality, style and fit. The expert consultants help clients navigate their many choices of attire – business, casual, social or formal – to create functional and relevant wardrobes.

From business professionals to professional athletes Bespoke Apparel has overseen the wardrobe needs of men for more than 25 years.   The late, great Muhammad Ali used to say that Bespoke Apparel “is simply the greatest.”   Donn Sorensen, the Regional President for Mercy Hospitals, says that he appreciates Bespoke Apparel’s ability to help him coordinate an outfit no matter what is on his calendar that day.

In addition to their physical location, where customers may select fabrics and shop for accessories, the Bespoke Apparel team also will bring their business to the client. Whether at home or office, a personal clothier will share swatches, take measurements and discuss wardrobe needs at a convenient time and place.  Bespoke Apparel makes managing your wardrobe an efficient and enjoyable experience.

Whether it’s a last-minute measurement at work or rebuilding a wardrobe at home, Bespoke Apparel will be there to take care of their clients, making extraordinary service an everyday expectation. Bespoke Apparel delivers both handcrafted quality and unparalleled service, with each detail handpicked by the most important person, the client.





























169 Lamp and Lantern Village • Town & Country

(636) 707-1177


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