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Excellence in early childhood education

At Apple Hill Preschool students 24 months to five years old are masterfully enriched through exciting academic, creative, physical and social experiences. Dedicated to providing supreme excellence in early childhood education, every child acquires the skills needed to enter Kindergarten with confidence and enthusiasm.

The staff members at Apple Hill Preschool are experienced teachers with undergraduate or advanced degrees in elementary education, early childhood education and other related fields. Their positive attitudes, loving natures and creative techniques contribute to the school’s healthy learning environment.

All relevant developmental and readiness areas are addressed within the context of fun and age appropriate monthly themes. These themes address reading and math readiness concepts and give children a much broader knowledge of self and environment. Students find learning much easier to relate to, understand and retain.

School is a child’s second home and Apple Hill has many formal and informal events planned throughout the year to encourage family bonding. Dialogue between parents and teachers is encouraged, including two scheduled conferences each year and informal conferences as needed.

Located in a neighborhood setting, the school has age appropriate equipment, including child-sized restroom facilities and observation windows for parent viewing. Additionally, there is a computer center, gymnasium, large deck and dual playgrounds.

Apple Hill Preschool brings the joy of discovery to every student.




A multi-ethnic grop of elementary age children are playing with toy blocks together at a table.












16290 Pierside Lane • Wildwood

(636) 458-4323


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