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First impressions are everything

Businesses and homeowners looking for a way to make their properties stand out, while also exuding a unique kind of elegance, will find the perfect solution at Deck the Door Décor. Family owned and operated, Deck the Door Décor offers a wide range of customized and one-of-a-kind door kick plate products designed to beautify every entry.

Committed to customer service and quality products, Deck the Door Décor is the exclusive provider of customized door kick plates and they take quality, finish and attention to detail very seriously. Their kick plates feature business logos, monograms, text, numbers, beautiful designs and other compelling visuals, with finishes of brass, stainless steel, brushed nickel and a variety of colors.

First impressions are everything, and the first thing people see when they arrive at a home or business is the door. The unique kick plates from Deck the Door Décor provide durable décor and branding without being tacky or overdone. Permanent or semi-permanent mounting solutions are available for any type of door.

Customized kick plates do not just look amazing, they also provide robust protection for the door, extending its life. Doors are on the receiving end of substantial wear and tear on a regular basis and kick plates keep them from becoming worn and unattractive.

While Deck the Door Décor has expanded beyond its humble beginnings as a one-person designer, in-home business, the desire to produce quality products and to treat customers as friends remains unchanged. The creative staff ensures the entire experience, from initial design to finished custom plate, is a positive one.”

It only takes a quick glance to form a first impression. Deck the Door Décor will make it a memorable one.

14373 Manchester Road, Ste. 862 • Manchester

(844) KICK-PL8


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