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Gun safety and indoor training

OnTargetSTL.com owner Karl Schoenbeck said guns, though they have been demonized in recent years, are valuable tools for protection and can provide enjoyable recreation when used properly.

“A gun can help people live their lives as safely as possible,” Schoenbeck said.

If someone’s home is broken into, “you’re at the mercy of that person, and that person’s mercy should not be in question. He’s willing to kick your door in. There’s no chance that he’s not going to have a gun if he can get one.”

According to Schoenbeck there are different types of guns for different people: those who are buying a firearm because they feel they need protection, those who use them for sport, those who would like a finely engraved gun, and police officers. OnTarget supplies them all.

OnTarget deals all brands of guns, except for some low-quality models. Schoenbeck said he will not sell a gun that is not reliable or that the manufacturer does not stand behind.

For people looking for rare models, OnTarget can also special order guns.
The store offers firearm safety training classes, concealed carry classes, and NRA-approved Eddie Eagle safety classes for children.

OnTarget provides an indoor shooting range, which features soundproof walls and a top-end ventilation system.

“We’re setting up everything to be the best that it can be,” Schoenbeck said. “We want to make this a destination in West County, a good place to go, and a boon to the neighborhood.”

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590 Vance Road, Suite 109 • Valley Park
(636) 861-1118
Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-6 p.m. • Sat., 9 a.m.-4 p.m. 


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