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Spiro’s house dressing now available

For more than 30 years, patrons of Spiro’s Restaurant have enjoyed the consistent superb quality of its mouth-watering Greek dishes. One of the menu items customers return for again and again is Spiro’s Greek Salad, topped with a delicious House Salad Dressing originally created by first-generation owner Tom Karagiannis who, with his younger brother Harry, owns Spiro’s West and St. Charles locations.

The recipe for Spiro’s House Dressing hasn’t changed over all those years, by customer demand. In fact, the dressing has such a loyal and devoted following that second-generation family member Tim Karagiannis recently received his father’s and uncle’s blessings to begin bottling and marketing it – which is sure to delight Spiro’s dressing fans throughout the St. Louis area and beyond.

“Our dressing is very unique; other companies have tried to duplicate it and failed,” said the younger Karagiannis. “One thing that will surprise people about our dressing is that, even though it’s so thick and creamy, it contains no milk or cream products whatsoever. I won’t give away any family secrets as far as how we do it, but the ingredients—an oil and vinegar base mixed with a variety of spices and herbs—are emulsified to create that rich texture our customers crave.”

Efforts are underway to have the dressing carried by area grocery store chains and customers are urged to support those efforts by asking their local grocers to stock it. In the meantime, the dressing is available at Spiro’s West in Chesterfield, Spiro’s St. Charles, and may also be ordered online.

























Spiro’s West 

1054 N. Woods Mill Road • Chesterfield

(314) 878-4449

Spiro’s St. Charles

2275 Bluestone Drive • St. Charles

(636) 916-1454


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