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Artwork supporting first responders presented to local fire districts

Those attending West Newsmagazine’s 20th anniversary celebration last September in Vlasis Park in Ballwin were invited to jot down their thoughts about the work done by local police officers and firefighter-paramedics.

The opportunity came after a number of incidents, both locally and around the nation, in which first responders were shot or otherwise injured in the line of duty. So, to no one’s surprise, many attendees, both young and old, used the chance to express themselves on colorful paper in various shapes.

The paper and words on them then were affixed to large covered panels, each also containing a silhouette of a police officer or firefighter, for presentation to first responder agencies in the West St. Louis County area that West Newsmagazine serves.

Jennifer Donaldson from Art Unleashed in Chesterfield handled the creative work.

With presentations this fall at meetings of the Creve Coeur and West County fire protection districts’ boards of directors, the distribution process was completed.

“Our hope is the artwork emphatically shows the support West County residents have for the first responders who serve us 24/7 throughout the year,” said Sharon Huber, West Newsmagazine’s publisher.

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