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Regarding commencements

To the Editor:

One of the finest, clearest, most to-the-point commencements I’ve heard or read in years! [“To the Class of 2017,” West Newsmagazine, May 24]

Life after graduation is not easy. However, with the proper focus and a positive “can do” approach, it will be an enjoyable and very satisfying experience. An adventure of sorts!

A few years ago, Navy Seal Commander William McRaven, gave a commencement with the theme “Make your bed.” His contention was that if you start your day by making your bed, the first [and possibly only] thing you have absolute control over that day, you will be able to handle anything else that may be thrown at you.

Life is not always going to be easy but, if you work diligently and set your standards high, you will someday be able to proudly look back and, with satisfaction, view your handiwork … your legacy!

J. Heithaus

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