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The preferred choice for discerning sleepers

Jonathan Handyside, owner

The friendly, knowledgeable sleep experts at The Back Store know that when it comes to buying a new mattress, improving your sleep is the No. 1 goal. To get it right, they understand the challenges we face as sleepers.

“Typical mattress stores and retailers focus primarily on the mattress. They can tell you what’s inside, but not what it can do for you. Our priority is learning about our clients’ sleep health and working together to make improvements,” said Jonathan Handyside, owner of The Back Store and Chief Executive Sleeper. “Our pressure-relieving mattresses support your body by adapting to your shape rather than pushing against or resisting heavier areas. When paired with a flexible motion base that encourages proper spinal alignment, you have a total sleep system that’s adaptable to individual sleep and comfort needs.”

In May, The Back Store expanded again with a 7,000-square-foot flagship store in the Saint Louis Galleria. It features a complete REM-Fit store with a comprehensive selection of performance linens, adjustable pillows, active sleep/activity trackers, sleep monitors and mattresses. The Back Store is also in West County Center and Plaza Frontenac, plus the Super Center inside South County Shopping Center. Each offers the area’s most complete selection of Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster and Sealy Conform. You’ll love the therapeutic massage chairs, handheld massagers, mattress toppers, innovative pillows and specialty linens.

“We really are so much more than just a mattress store. We are a better sleep and improved comfort store. Our products are unique and purposeful, but more importantly, our Better Sleep Certified Team is dedicated to improving your comfort and sleep,” Handyside said. “Our goal first and foremost is to be the preferred choice for discerning sleepers seeking a pain-free, undisturbed, quality night’s sleep.”

Saint Louis Galleria • (314) 725-5552

South County Center • (314) 329-6700

Plaza Frontenac • (314) 692-2225

West County Center • (314) 966-2225


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