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Improve your health and lifestyle with Baker

Baker Pool & Spa is a full-service swimming pool and hot tub supply store. They help their customers properly maintain their backyard pool or hot tub, and they sell, install and service portable spas/hot tubs.

When you combine high-quality products with expert advice, you minimize costs and maintenance time while maximizing enjoyment. Baker makes sure customers use the right products, in the right amount, at the right time.

“While big box stores and catalogs may appear to have better prices, their products are commonly diluted and have additives that require the addition of other products to compensate,” said John McCormick, president and owner. “Plus, there’s no support from these outlets, which usually means their customers aren’t doing everything they should and often use products they don’t need. Many of the problems caused by improper maintenance don’t appear quickly – they build up slowly over time, resulting in eventual downtime and high repair bills.”

Baker is a factory-direct dealer for Hot Spring Portable Spas and their related brands. “With the best warranty in the industry, lowest operating costs, easiest maintenance and use, there is nothing close to the value and ultimate enjoyment that a Hot Springs hot tub provides,” said McCormick. “Combine that with Baker’s installation expertise, and our customers enjoy a product that will truly make every day better.”

Health benefits can result from as little as a 15-minute daily soak, as pressure is relieved from muscles and joints and circulation is increased. “Through proper product design, installation expertise and innovative water care, we eliminate hurdles and help make every day better for our customers,” said McCormick.

6 THF Blvd. • Chesterfield

(636) 532-3133


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