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At iCare Nails and Spa, they really do care!

At iCare Nails and Spa, they really do care. Customers aren’t just customers here – they’re friends. That’s one of the reasons the salon’s many regulars keep coming back.

“I always wanted to give good service to people and make the business grow, because I really care about people’s nails,” said owner Nicole Lin, who has been in the business since 1998. “That’s why we named it iCare.”

Inside the salon, customers receive luxurious treatments with the latest styles and techniques. iCare offers acrylics [full set, fill], French manicures/pedicures, nail art design, fixing of artificial nails and a variety of polish options [regular, gel and dip powder].

Dip powder is a time-tested option that has become increasingly popular recently. It provides a smooth, glossy finish that lasts longer than gel, dries quickly and isn’t as harmful to acrylic nails. Plus, Lin said, the powder “has vitamins and minerals that actually help the nail.”

Manicure spa treatments range from traditional and collagen, which promotes firmer, softer, young skin, to Nu Skin Natural and Princess. Pedicure spa options include spa, deluxe, pure organic, collagen, Nu Skin Natural and Princess.

The latest trend, according to Lin, is a jelly pedicure, which she likens to Jell-O.

“It’s squishy, so people feel like their feet are in quicksand,” she said. “The sensation is really good, and it has all the vitamins to keep your skin soft. People really like it!”

iCare also features foot reflexology, hand and shoulder massages, and paraffin wax treatments to moisturize and soften skin.

Customers can rest easy with iCare’s emphasis on safety and sanitation. Everything is up-to-date to ensure people leave feeling both clean and glamorous.

140 Chesterfield Valley Drive • Chesterfield

(636) 778-9588


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