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Toddlers to teens: Small schools matter

Set on a beautiful, 13-acre wooded campus just 10 minutes west of Wildwood, The Fulton School strives to be an extension of the home, cultivating children’s capabilities and challenging them to take academic risks and develop their self-confidence.

The Fulton School is a small, independent, coed school for toddlers through 12th grade, offering traditional Montessori through third grade, and a Montessori-based program for fourth through 12th grades. With its small, intimate environment and 8-to-1 student-teacher ratio, there are no ceilings to hinder development and no hiding places for students to resist growth. The whole child can develop into the adult he or she is meant to be.

Lower School includes daily PE class and outdoor play, plus weekly Spanish, music and art classes. Upper School offers a strong college-prep, liberal arts curriculum with clubs, electives, daily PE class, faculty advisers, extensive travel opportunities and varsity athletics. Philanthropy, public speaking and entrepreneurial opportunities are integrated at all grade levels.

In addition, a farm program involves all students in caring for animals like chickens, goats and bees, maintaining the gardens and orchard, running a business to sell eggs, honey and produce, and providing a laboratory for advanced science application.

The school also offers a comprehensive Learning Support Program for students who need more one-on-one attention than classroom teachers can provide.

Schedule a tour today to discover how a small school like The Fulton School can help each child develop a love of learning.

123 Schoolhouse Road • St. Albans

(636) 458-6688 


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