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A team of doctors that care how you hear

Hearing Health Care Center utilizes the latest in advanced technology to provide the best in hearing care for all of its patients. Directed by Dr. Carol Bergmann, the Center provides comprehensive audiological testing for individuals 3 years of age and older.

Each patient at the 18-year-old family-operated business receives personalized attention and treatment from one of their doctors of Audiology, Dr. Allison Benner, Dr. Jayma Proctor and Dr. Tayler Beal.

“Helping someone to hear again is so rewarding,” Bergmann said. “We give back what they have been missing. It makes us feel good to see people hearing things they haven’t heard in a long time.”

The office also provides hearing aid screenings, evaluations, fittings and post-fitting counseling. A wide array of hearing aids is available in a variety of sizes and circuit options. The newest hearing devices are designed to connect to your phone for listening to music and phone calls, as well as using your phone as a remote control. Hearing devices come in all sizes from completely invisible to over-the-ear. The Center is well-stocked with information and supplies for hearing aids and other assistive listening devices.

Because Hearing Health Care Center has relationships with multiple hearing aid manufacturers, the company is able to offer each of its patients the optimal hearing aid to meet his/her individual needs. Hearing Health Care doctors offer 50 years of combined experience.

Keeping up with the service on a hearing aid has never been so easy. The Center offers free service on patients’ hearing aids every three months.

“We care how you hear,” Bergmann said, “and we will work with you until you are satisfied.”

Ellisville • Richmond Heights • St. Charles

(636) 391-9622


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