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Forever in the heart

Kathy Kuebler & KC

Pets, like people, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity at the time of their death. Kathy Kuebler, owner of Paws Forever Pet Cremation & Grief Support, is vigilant in her role as caregiver for deceased pets and the owners who deeply mourn their loss.

It takes a special person to willingly step in and assist with the transition from life, and Kathy is that person. She is dedicated to treating every pet in the same way she treats her own, with kindness and compassion. She finds strength and satisfaction in knowing she is helping to ensure the aftercare the pets deserve and the comfort their owners need.

Pet owners may call Kathy any time, any day, to tell her their pet has passed on. No matter where, the vet’s office, emergency center or home, Kathy will travel to the destination, often within the hour, and gently prepare the animal for transport to the crematory. No waiting in cold storage and no group transportation. Kathy is the advocate for these voiceless creatures and their transition is made in a loving manner.

Kathy talks to pet owners throughout the process. She personally delivers pet remains, along with paw prints and hair clippings as keepsakes, as soon as possible after the procedure is complete. But Kathy’s services do not end there. Certified in pet loss and grief companioning, Kathy has 16 years experience working with pets and connections with veterinarians and pet professionals throughout the area. She offers a monthly pet loss support group and is always available to grieving pet owners.

“You and your pet will be in loving hands from the moment you call,” said Kathy.

17209 Chesterfield Airport Road 


(636) 284-4747  


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