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Enhancing energy efficiency, economy, health

Mindy and Paul Peterson, Owners

When a home is at peak energy efficiency, everything lasts longer and works better – not just invisible systems, but appliances, roofs and the people who live inside. The team at Peterson Energy Consultants goes above and beyond when it comes to a home’s thermal environment. “We’ll go that extra step, not because it’s code, but because it’s the right thing to do,” said Paul Peterson, company president.

And they’ve done it for more than 30 years in Missouri and Illinois. They’ve been progressive from the beginning, recognizing and perpetuating the best engineering practices over time to enhance energy efficiency, comfort, economy and health. They’ve worked with industrial fireproofing, replaced pipe insulation in schools after asbestos was removed and represented the American Lung Association’s Healthy House program.

Their main focus now is bringing houses up to current code with insulation and fire code work in attics. They were the first in St. Louis to use spray insulation in new construction homes 25 years ago, said Paul. Technicians assess homes by using technology like thermal imagery, identifying leakage of the house/duct system, attic rodent trouble and duct system health. They also can install solar fans for ventilation in attics and Solatubes [tubular natural daylighting skylights] in bathrooms, closets and elsewhere.

Attic duct systems can suck hot, humid air into the air returns. Just a 15 percent air return leak reduces air conditioner capacity by 47 percent. Why fill your home and lungs with outdoor dust, pollen, mold spores or other pollutants? Improve air quality and energy efficiency by improving the thermal envelope and air barriers of the home.

Let Peterson Energy Consultants bring their decades of experience, passion and efficiency to your home.

363 Gravois Place • Fenton

(314) 280-0750


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