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Where quality meets the environment

Schroepfer Well Drilling and Geothermal has provided customers with quality installations and service since 1953, when Orville Schroepfer started the company with his father, Lawrence. This family-owned and operated business has maintained its high standards and family values for four generations, offering customers cost-effective options without sacrificing product quality.

Their services include drilling new water wells, installing new pump systems, installing new geothermal systems, servicing all existing well/pump/geothermal systems, and providing a full line of water diagnostics and treatment systems as well as diagnostic services for most water issues.

The team at Schroepfer understands the desire for safe, clean, soft water that is free from chemicals, odor and hardness. Their goal is to provide adequate water well systems while protecting the water supply under the earth, and to advance geothermal usage, which is the most economical and earth-friendly heating and cooling system available.

Schroepfer is active in their industry, staying involved with current events and trends in the water well and geothermal field. More than six decades of experience, combined with modern technology, means Schroepfer’s customers are in honest, knowledgeable hands.

Customers also are cared for by one contractor, not a host of subcontractors. The same licensed, insured and BBB-certified company – Orville, Linda, Diane, Darrell and Anita – drills the well, installs the pump system, installs the geothermal unit and drills the bore holes.

“Our commitment to excellent customer service is a top priority of our company. We treat our customers the way we would want our family treated,” said Orville. “We are a fourth-generation company deep-rooted in servicing our customers. We feel once you are a customer of Schroepfer Well Drilling and Geothermal, you will always be a friend of the Schroepfer family.”

7512 Hwy. 185 • Leslie

(573) 484-3214


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