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Making home construction dreams come true

Theresa and Scott Beard

For Scott Beard, owner of Scott Allen Construction, home construction was yet another way to help people. Having grown up on a farm, he is no stranger to hard work. Beard enlisted in the U.S. Army during Operation Desert Storm and reported to the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in the early 90s. He returned home and found himself starting a homebuilding/remodeling company and a consulting career.

“I actually love to create things. Day one, all you have is a pile of materials. In a couple of weeks you have built someone’s dream home. Super gratifying,” Beard said.

Now a general contractor, Beard runs all the facets on a jobsite, from personally managing subcontractors to scheduling work for a smooth project. The company tackles handyman jobs, full-scale renovations and new construction.

“I became a GC to protect my clients’ best interest,” Beard said. “I’m well-rounded in all the aspects of construction, so I can relate to and orchestrate all the different facets of construction in all trades.”

Scott Allen Construction can build directly from a blueprint or create a computer draft to fit clients’ specifications. They can assist clients in finding materials or choosing colors and patterns. The company prioritizes quality to ensure that clients’ needs are met and the client feels safe and protected in their investment.

Scott Allen Construction also coordinates with other suppliers so the customer is not charged for design and consultation.

“We try and pass on our savings to the client,” Beard said.


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