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Hard work makes for beautiful results



The first deck that Dan Novara ever stained was his own. After finishing up the grueling, manual work, he knew it was a good business opportunity. Thirty-eight years later, Cedar Beautiful Staining has made its name as a father-son business that does impeccable, expeditious work throughout the St. Louis area.

Their biggest claim to fame is their brush-only application. “You won’t see a roller or sprayer on our jobs,” says Dan, a genial straight shooter who has made hard work a company and family philosophy. Dan’s wife, Pamela, a longtime teacher, is president of the company and their son Johnny is following in his dad’s footsteps.

Cedar Beautiful Staining uses exceptional products such as TWP semi-transparent and Pratt & Lambert solid stains. They’re zealous about cleanliness on-site, layering dropcloths precisely to catch every single drop. Cedar Beautiful Staining is also proud of its “no money down” promise – until the project is complete, you don’t pay a penny. They have that much confidence in their work and their clients’ satisfaction. Dan says he always tells clients what they need to know, not what they want to hear, so that they will receive the best quality product possible.

Distance is no object for Cedar Beautiful Staining. They work all over St. Louis County and have done projects in St. Charles County and even Illinois. They’re available seven days a week and, at clients’ request, have worked on projects while a client is at work or on vacation. Hard work is year-round, too – in colder months, Cedar Beautiful Staining is available for snow removal, plowing and salting.

“I’ve been blessed to have this business,” Dan says. “It’s been so successful. I’ve built it from the ground up and I’m so proud of it.”

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