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Eureka students check out Mars rover from Missouri S&T

By: Bonnie Krueger

Eureka students got a chance to see what a vehicle might look like on another planet.

Students from Missouri University of Science & Technology visited Eureka this spring to display their Mars rover. Team members spent their spring break touring high schools and talking about STEM.

Among the Missouri S&T students was Jake Mondschein, a 2015 Eureka graduate.

“I think [showing the rover] has more impact than just talking to people about it,” said Mondschein. “We let them actually use it, and show them this is something that students just beyond their age are designing and building.”

“It’s always great to see Eureka alumni doing great things at the university level,” said Eureka science teacher Matt Strickland. “I hope students can see what opportunities are out there when they get to the next level in science, technology, engineering, and math. I hope they see how they can directly benefit others and get right into what they want to do in their career field, and what opportunities are out there, so close to St. Louis.”

Eureka junior Tyler Rhoades said, “I’m in robotics myself, and getting to see what they’re doing is good. Seeing what developments you can go through, and the different things you’re going to be able to do when you get to college, is great.”

Senior Ryan Hastings said, “It’s pretty cool. They’ve covered a lot of the problems they would face on Mars with simple design.”

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