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An open letter to MoDOT

To the Editor: 

As you know, I represent the 101st district located in West St. Louis County. The people I represent are very concerned about the State of Missouri’s roads and bridges.

Many of my constituents feel the roads we drive on are worse than their rural counterparts. Without a number to reference, most of the people I represent feel MoDOT’s resources are being distributed disproportionately.

According to a MoDOT representative, the St. Louis region receives $293 million of the budget. However, what wasn’t provided is the amount of MoDOT’s budget derived from the St. Louis region. These funds are derived from gas taxes, registration fees and vehicle taxes. Since the St. Louis region has more people, more cars and uses more gas, it stands to reason that the St. Louis region provides more funds than any other region.

The people in my district believe they are contributing funds dedicated to roads and bridges in excess of the amount expended on roads and bridges in the St. Louis region by a significant amount. I agree. However, we are willing to be wrong; we just need proof.

I have requested this information from MoDOT but have yet to receive a response. Without any numbers to reference, it’s impossible to know if my constituents are being treated fairly. Until I have this information, I will never vote to send any state money to MoDOT. I will encourage my colleagues in the House and Senate to do the same.

I encourage MoDOT to please provide this information as soon as possible.

Rep. Bruce DeGroot

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