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Jumping for heart health, paying it forward

By: Bonnie Krueger

Pond Elementary students raised more than $11,000 in the recent Jump Rope for Heart campaign, sponsored by the American Heart Association.

“Almost all of these donations stay right here in Missouri for research, medicines, treatments, prevention and awareness of our number one killer,” said Barb Reyering, Youth Marketing Director of the American Heart Association.

In the process, Pond students qualified for $650 in U.S. Games money for physical education equipment, part of a voucher rewards program offered by the American Heart Association. Then the school added another good deed by donating the earned reward money to Monroe Elementary in St. Louis.

“Pond recently connected with Monroe Elementary when we became aware of their tremendous need for basic educational resources,” said Pond Principal Dr. Carlos Diaz-Granados. “Some of us visited Monroe over spring break to drop off books and other school supplies. It was a humbling experience to see them operating with so little. I wanted to share what our PE teachers decided to do, because they are far too humble to share this information themselves.”

“It’s pretty cool,” said Rockwood Executive Director of Elementary Education Dr. Dave Cobb. “The school donated their gift to a school that needs it more.”

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