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Responding to ‘Healthcare Fix’

To the Editor:

I agree with Mr. DeLuca’s “Healthcare Fix” letter to the editor printed in the July 19 edition of West Newsmagazine. However, I am not sure how any of his suggestions would do anything other than allow “big government” to grow even bigger and further interfere with our lives.

He suggests that “we go to a single healthcare coverage form … for everybody … Every U.S. citizen would be covered for everything.”

Obviously this would mean that “big government” would have to grow even bigger to enforce this huge new healthcare program. We, the people, would end up with little or no say in choosing what type of coverage we want and, like in other countries with government-defined coverage for all, healthcare might be delayed and rationed.

Mr. DeLuca further suggests that with his single healthcare coverage form, there would be no more arguing about the rich not paying their fair share. However, it would seem that the rich already do pay more than their fair share, as a worker making $100,000 a year will pay four times more in Medicare premiums than a worker making $25,000 a year for the exact same coverage.

He also suggests that insurance companies would commit to lengthy contracts and that costs would be greatly reduced. With Obamacare, taxpayers saw not only their premiums skyrocket, but also saw insurers pull out the exchanges because of record losses.

I can’t imagine what big government’s additional overhead costs would be to enforce citizen compliance, collect the new taxes for premiums, regulate all of the insurers, oversee medical provider billing, waste and fraud prevention, etc. I can’t imagine how many more big government employees would need to be hired to accomplish this.

I can imagine how efficient it might be to have big government run a healthcare system. Just look how well it already runs the V.A. healthcare system!

Lynn Link

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