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West County FPD approves agreement with Lindenwood

By: Jim Erickson

The West County EMS and Fire Protection District has approved an affiliation agreement with Lindenwood University to provide students in the school’s paramedicine program with clinical experiences and practical learning.

As part of the program, Lindenwood paramedicine students will be the third member of ambulance crews responding to emergency medical calls in the district. Participating students will be considered trainees, and West County will retain ultimate responsibility for patient care and treatment.

A Lindenwood faculty member will coordinate the program with a West County staff member.

Lindenwood’s Department of Paramedicine offers training for traditional students, licensed paramedics wanting to advance their careers with additional education, and military medics transitioning to civilian paramedicine. The curriculum leads to a Bachelor of Science degree.

The Lindenwood agreement is one of several that West County has with local universities to provide practical experience to undergraduate and graduate students in emergency medicine.

Last year, West County responded to 4,055 emergency medical calls. The district serves all or parts of Manchester, Town & Country, Twin Oaks, Winchester and Ballwin, as well as unincorporated areas of St. Louis County.

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