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Rockwood receives 3D printers through GE program

By: Bonnie Krueger

3D printers are among the tools Rockwood students will be able to utilize in class through a GE education grant.

Thirty Rockwood schools have been awarded nearly $130,000 worth of 3D printers and online research licenses through a grant from the GE Additive Education Program.

“I learned about the program in February,” explained Rockwood’s chief information officer Deb Ketring, who was instrumental in securing the printers and licenses. “K-12 STEM Coordinator Bob Deneau helped me gather information so we could submit applications for all of our schools.”

Beginning this month, each participating school will receive a classroom package which consists of two 3D printers, membership and licensing.

“This gift has the potential to make a significant impact on our students and how they learn for the future,” Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost said.


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