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Ellisville passes multiple amendments regarding local land use

At the Aug. 16 Ellisville City Council meeting, a public hearing was held to discuss and consider a city-initiated petition regarding multiple zoning regulations and text amendments pertaining to local utility facility regulations, subdivision design standards, boundary adjustment requirements, sign requirements and retail/resale uses. Each amendment also had specific legislation in the form of a bill for each of the five items discussed during the public hearing earlier in the evening.

City Planner Ada Hood gave a presentation at the meeting describing specific regulation adjustments in each category.

Regarding utility facilities, the city changed regulations several months ago in regard to fences, eliminating the requirement of chain link enclosures.

“Instead of requiring a fence, we’re asking that they provide a masonry enclosure, which is going to help with aesthetics and is also going to help with any sound that might come from the facility,” Hood said. Exceptions can be issued by the city council, and some chain link enclosures will still exist in the city, she noted.

Subdivision design also was addressed to help better prohibit the development of lots without public street frontage. The design standards of boundary adjustment requirements were clarified to include public street frontage, as the current code only applies to subdivisions and the specific creation of lots.

Language regarding sign usage and channel lettering also was updated as were criteria to differentiate retail stores from resale/consignment shops. The city code was updated to allow resale establishments as conditionally permitted in the C-3, C-4 and M-1 zoning districts.

A poll of the audience by Mayor Adam Paul revealed six residents in favor of the changes with zero residents showing opposition. There were no speakers regarding the proposed ordinances. All five bills received their first and second council readings and were passed unanimously.

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