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Ellisville Officer Chuck Kraus buzzes in for second game show appearance

After months of waiting and auditioning, Officer Chuck Kraus with the Ellisville Police Department will appear on television screens across the nation as a contestant on “$100,000 Pyramid.”

Kraus will compete alongside celebrities in guessing a series of words or phrases based on descriptive clues. The game show is hosted by former NFL star Michael Strahan and is a revamp of the classic “The $10,000 Pyramid.”

Ellisville Officer Chuck Kraus.

The kicker? This isn’t Kraus’s first appearance on a game show stage. He also was formerly a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune” alongside his sister Jennifer Kraus-Smith in December 2015 during Secret Santa Family Week.

Kraus and his sister were big fans of game shows as children, but it was Kraus’s wife, Nicole, that urged him to formally audition for “$100,000 Pyramid” in December 2016.

“I always watched it at home, and one day my wife said, ‘You’re really good, you need to try out,'” Kraus said. “I sent in an audition video, then I was asked to come in and try-out in person. After that, I heard I was on the show.”

According to Kraus, the application process for the show involved everything from Skype interviews, multiple wardrobe checks and even an 18-page background check. The episode was officially filmed on April 30, 2017, in New York.

Although Kraus was able to unveil his next audition for “Family Feud” on Aug. 26 at the Sheraton Westport Plaza Hotel St. Louis located downtown, the fate of his “$100,000 Pyramid” appearance must remain a secret until after the episode’s debut at 9 p.m. on Aug. 20 on KNDL [Channel 30]. Kraus will be featured as a contestant alongside celebrities Richard Kind [“Mad About You”, “Spin City”] and Rachel Dratch [“Imaginary Mary”, “Saturday Night Live.”]

“They were both really nice people, and Michael Strahan couldn’t have been nicer,” Kraus said.

A live viewing party for the premiere also will be held at Murphy’s on Hwy. 21 in South County, where Kraus plans to be in attendance.

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