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Rockwood School District sets date for annual tax levy hearing

The Rockwood Board of Education has tentatively scheduled the 2017-2018 tax levy hearing for Thursday, Sept. 28  at 6 p.m. at the Rockwood Administrative Annex, located at 500 N. Central Ave. in Eureka.

Prior to the hearing, the board will prepare an estimate of the amount of money to be raised by taxation for the upcoming school year. In turn, the hearing will help determine the tax rate required to produce the amount and rate necessary to sustain the district’s schools for the upcoming academic year and ensure that it meets its principal and interest payments on its bonded debt.
Residential input is considered during the session.
“We are legally required to offer a certain amount of time to members of the public who want to comment or have any questions about it,” explained Board President Matt Doell.
Following the hearing, the district will project a nonbinding levy based on information provided by assessors and return projected amounts to the county clerk no later than April 8. Other assets, such as the Rockwood Tax Rate Calculator on the district’s official website, also will be updated.

Official written notice of the hearing’s finalized date and time, the district’s assessed valuation and proposed tax rate will be posted at least seven days prior to the hearing.

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