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Procedures set for Chesterfield Valley Transportation Development District vote

Rendering of an ice arena proposed for the Chesterfield Valley

Voters eligible to cast ballots on the issue of extending the Chesterfield Valley Transportation Development District sales tax will have the chance to do that in a more simplified manner later this fall.

The voting timetable was part of an announcement from Mike Geisel, Chesterfield’s city administrator and chair of the TDD Board of Directors. Geisel believes a somewhat revised process from one outlined earlier will make it easier for eligible voters to cast their ballots.

The previous announcement noted that eligible voters in the TDD area would be mailed an application that would need to be returned to request the actual ballot. Voters then would receive voting papers by mail and return the completed ballot, also by mail.

However, since there are no other items on the ballot for the Nov. 7 election, Missouri law allows a mail-in election without voters having to request a ballot.

Under the new procedure, ballots will be mailed to all eligible registered voters on or before Oct. 27 and voters will have until Nov. 7 to return them. Also, the voted mail-in ballots will not need to be notarized but instead can be signed with a certification stating that, under penalties of perjury, the person is entitled to vote in the election.

In addition, the revised procedures mean the mail-in election will be completed one week earlier than originally contemplated. Fewer court hearings also will be needed, thus reducing the overall cost of the election process.

The issue to be decided is the extension of a 3/8-cent sales tax to fund up to $7 million of transportation-related improvements for a proposed $22.65 million ice hockey and sports complex in the western part of Chesterfield Valley. The original sales tax increase for other transportation projects in the valley received voter approval in a 2005 election.

The levy applies to shoppers at Chesterfield Valley businesses and its proceeds go to retire bonds sold to finance the specified work.

Only qualified voters in nearby subdivisions and those living elsewhere in the district are eligible to participate in the election.

The voting materials will include two questions with a yes or no vote on each. The first seeks authorization for the TDD to fund up to $7 million in specified transportation-related improvements associated with the new facility, known as the Chesterfield Sportscomplex.

The second would authorize extending the 3/8-cent sales tax for up to an additional 15 years, expiring no later than Feb. 28, 2046, to pay for all or any portion of the projects outlined in the first question.

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