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And the Wildwood BBQ Bash winner is …

With the 13th annual Wildwood BBQ Bash in history books, there’s only one question left to answer: Who won?

Here is a list of the Who’s Who in barbecue and some photos to whet your appetite for next year. [All photos by Lou Countryman]

2017 Wildwood BBQ Bash Grand champion Bringing the Heat [left] with Reserve Grand Champion Rippel-Que

Grand Champion

Grand Champion: Bringing the Heat

Reserve Grand Champion: Rippel-Que

Remaining Top 10

3. Meat Me in St. louis

4. Two Butts & A Ham

5. Fireside Smokers

6. Last Place BBQ

7. Holy Smokers BBQ

8. Bushwood Smokers

9. Oklahoma Joe’s

10. BYO Grill

Soak it, Stroke it, Smoke it

Chef’s Choice

First Place: Soak it, Stroke it & Smoke it

Second Place: Charlotte’s Rib

Third Place: Smokin’ Joe & Son

BYO grill

Pork Steak

First Place: BYO Grill

Second Place: Fireside Smokers

Third Place: Bringing the Heat

Bobcat BBQ


First Place: Bobcat BBQ

Second Place: Meat Me in St. Louis

Third Place: Bushwood Smokers

Smokin’ bullets


First Place: Smokin’ Bullets

Second Place: Mr. Pink BBQ

Third Place: Meat Me in St. Louis

Bringing the Heat and Rippel-Que


First Place: Bringing the Heat

Second Place: Rippel-Que

Third Place: Bushwood Smokers

Wholly Smoke BBQ


First Place: Wholly Smoke BBQ

Second Place: Pit Stop BBQ

Third Place: Fireside Smokers

Holy Smokers


First Place: Holy Smokers BBQ

Second Place: Ray & Jay’s Backyard BBQ

Third Place: Kids Q

Bushwood Smokers


First Place: Bushwood Smokers

Second Place: Meat Me in St. Louis

Third Place: Bringing the Heat

Meat Only [Big 4 – Chicken, Ribs, Brisket & Pork]

First place: Bushwood Smokers

Second place: Bringing the Heat

Third Place: Rippel-Que


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