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Ballwin fails to pass beekeeping ordinance

By: Bonnie Krueger

It appears the city of Ballwin will continue to remain silent on the issue of bee keeping within city limits. At the regular Board of Aldermen meeting on Sept. 25, an ordinance related to beekeeping in the city of Ballwin was introduced and rejected by council members.

The ordinance would have regulated location, size, number and construction of enclosures and shelters, as well as the proper placement of bee shelters in yards. The ordinance also specified a penalty for violation of the ordinance, not exceed $1,000 per violation. The monetary fine is inline with nuisance pet violations, such as not picking up pet waste within the city.

The vote ended in a tie, with aldermen Frank Fleming [Ward 3], Ross Bullington [Ward 4], Michael Finley [Ward 1] and Raymond Kerlagon [Ward 4] voting in favor of the ordinance, and aldermen James Terbrock [Ward 1], Kevin Roach [Ward 2], Mark Stallmann [Ward 2] and Jim Leahy [Ward 3] voting against the measure. Mayor Tim Pogue split the tie vote, also voting against the ordinance.

City Administrator Eric Hanson said that to date only one citizen has complained about bee keeping. The city will continue to address concerns without a formal ordinance unless an influx of complaints are received.



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