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Ballwin lot splits get easier

By: Jim Erickson

The Ballwin Board of Aldermen has approved an ordinance making it easier and faster in some instances to split larger lots into two parcels.

The new measure applies to a tract or previously subdivided parcel under single ownership and existing as a legal lot of record.

Additional criteria for qualifying for the expedited procedure include that no additional improvements are needed, such as concrete sidewalks or water mains, which require the posting of an escrow or bond, and that no provisions for common land or recreational facilities are involved. The split also cannot adversely affect the parcel itself or adjoining properties, be in conflict with any zoning ordinance provisions or require any variances.

Simple lot split requests still must include a certified survey of the parcel showing locations of existing buildings, streets and adjoining property and other details.

The city’s planning and zoning commission must review the proposal and conduct a public hearing on it before recommending approval and forwarding the measure to the board of aldermen for final approval.

Before the new ordinance, lot splits were handled under rules applying to any proposed subdivision – procedures that are more involved and time consuming.

After a brief discussion of the procedural changes, Ballwin aldermen approved the measure 8-0 at the board’s Oct. 9 meeting.

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