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Select group of Chesterfield voters approves sales tax extension   

Rendering of an ice arena proposed for the Chesterfield Valley

Youth hockey advocates in West County and elsewhere in the area are celebrating the passage of two special ballot proposals that pave the way for a new hockey and sports complex in Chesterfield Valley.

In a mail-in ballot, the results of which were announced as part of the Nov. 7 election, voters in the Chesterfield Valley Transportation Development District [TDD] approved the two proposals by identical 129-61 margins. According to state law, only voters who live in the district or in adjoining subdivisions were eligible to take part in the election.

One of the proposals authorized a number of infrastructure improvements associated with the ice facility project. The second ballot issue authorized the extension of a 3/8-cent sales tax paid by shoppers on goods and services they purchase from businesses in the transportation district.

Funds from the tax will be used to retire up to $7 million in bonds that will be sold to finance the infrastructure work.

Mike Geisel, Chesterfield city administrator who also heads the TDD board, noted that while the sales tax could be extended until 2046, the district will stop collecting the 3/8-cent levy as soon as the bonds are retired.

Revenue projections are that the debt will be paid off long before its mandated termination date, Geisel added.

“The TDD vote was a critical milestone for our project,” said Mark Kraus, president of the CHA board. “The overwhelming approval from the residents of Chesterfield further punctuates the importance of this facility to the local community. “The Chesterfield Sports Complex will be not just the home for many youth hockey players and clubs but also a vibrant community asset that will provide a continued source of recognition and pride for the City of Chesterfield. We look forward to progressing our vision and bringing this development online as quickly as possible.”

Financing of the infrastructure improvements is a key part of the $22.65 million complex, which CHA will build, own and operate. The city of Chesterfield will not have any investment or ownership interest in the facility and will have no hand in its operation.

The Sports Complex will be the home for CHA, replacing the Hardee’s Iceplex, which closed earlier this year and has been demolished to make way for a Top Golf driving range and entertainment center now under construction.

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