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Rockwood student represents at Model UN

Marquette High senior Samantha Giblin


Marquette High senior Samantha Giblin took part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity this fall by traveling to Budapest as part of a United Nations Travel Delegation. She was one of only 24 other students in the country to be a part of the elite team. She is the first female in Missouri to receive the honor.

Giblin started out in the Model UN program at Marquette her freshman year. Now, she’s part of a select group of high school students traveling the world. During her junior year, she attended the University of Chicago’s Model UN Conference where she earned a verbal commendation award. As a result, she was invited to apply to the UN Travel Delegation program.

The conferences take place in China, India, Hungary, Colombia and the United States. Giblin attended the conference in Hungary sponsored by Yale Model Government Europe; she’ll also attend the Georgetown conference in Washington, D.C., in February.

During the conferences, students might serve as a minister of education, defense minister, or as part of a specialized committee such as the Red Cross. Once students arrive, the organizers present them with a simulated crisis.

Giblin said, “You have to find a solution and, depending on your actions, you could create another crisis or you could eliminate it. It’s very hands-on and really gives you an idea of how governments work and how the United Nations works. I really love problem solving and doing research. It’s now clear to me that political science is what I want to pursue.”

On Oct. 22, Giblin represented the St. Louis chapter of the United Nations Association in a competition, in which chapters around the country are participating. Each participant chose a goal. Giblin’s sustainable development goal is justice. She plans to raise money for the ACLU. On UN Day, she will present her findings in front of the organization.

Giblin plans to pursue her undergraduate degree in political science and get her graduate degree in international relations. She also wants to continue on to the college level Model UN program.

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