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Ballwin, Wildwood renew aquatic center agreement

By: Jim Erickson

Wildwood residents again will be able to purchase a membership at the North Pointe Aquatic Center in 2018 at the same price Ballwin residents pay.

In effect for the past 10 years, the agreement received approval from the Ballwin Board of Aldermen at its Jan. 8 meeting.

Under the plan, up to 50 Wildwood families can pay the Ballwin family rate membership of $210, rather than the non-resident charge of $320. The city of Wildwood then will supplement each membership with an $80 payment to Ballwin.

Last year, 26 Wildwood families bought North Pointe memberships.

The popular aquatic center now is undergoing a major renovation expected to be completed by the start of North Pointe’s 2018 season.

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