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For goodness sake

To the Editor: 

I deliver Meals on Wheels to the elderly in Ballwin. Ruth is one of my clients, and since she is my last stop, I can sit and talk for a while. She always fills me in on what’s been going on with her and her daughters, but [on a recent] Thursday, she had a story that warmed my heart.

On a particularly cold day, she said she woke at 5 a.m. and her house was freezing. One of her daughters was in New York and she didn’t know how to get a hold of the other one, who was working at a local hospital. So she called the Ballwin police and they dispatched an officer.

When the officer arrived, he went into the basement to check and see what was going on, probably hoping it was just the pilot light that he could reignite. But when he came upstairs, he told her there was nothing he could do. Then, he told her that he’d be right back. He returned with a space heater, which he set up by her chair, and asked for permission to go into the bedroom to get her a blanket that he draped over her legs. He then set up an appointment with the HVAC company of her choice.

Now that is going above and beyond!

Margee Kabak

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