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St. Luke’s debuts digital newborn ID technology

A newborn receives a digital footprint scan at St. Luke’s Hospital.

St. Luke’s Hospital recently became the first hospital in the St. Louis area to replace ink footprints for newborns with digital footprints, with the goal of enhancing security for children and their parents. The technology captures and stores high-resolution digital footprints of each baby born at St. Luke’s, which can be used and shared online for precise identification of a child in emergency situations.

The new system, developed by CertaScan Technologies, is simple and quick, and no longer requires ink. The baby’s foot is placed on a small optical scanner, which takes multiple scans in seconds, and selects the highest-quality image. The scanner uploads the footprint to the baby’s electronic medical record and CertaScan’s secure database. The footprint then is permanently and securely stored in the cloud, where parents can access and update other information about their child for security purposes, since footprints do not change as children grow.

“We’re always proactively looking for the best technology and processes to keep babies safe and give parents peace of mind,” said Christine M. Candio, RN, FACHE, St. Luke’s Hospital president and chief executive officer. “We’re proud to offer the community the latest technology in newborn security.”

St. Luke’s now provides new parents with a complimentary birth certificate, which includes their baby’s footprints, and parents also can download the digital footprints online.

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