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A proven method for academic success

Executive Director David Huguelet

At Huntington Learning Center, the skilled staff understands that one size does not fit all students. Huntington Learning Center takes a comprehensive approach that works and truly sets its programs apart – and it has decades of experience and countless success stories to prove it.

The Huntington Learning Center method begins with a comprehensive academic evaluation to pinpoint areas of opportunity for improvement and areas of strength, which then forms the foundation for a personalized learning plan designed to build success through individualized instruction.

Programs are tailored to fit the unique needs, academic goals and schedules of each student. Whether a student needs a tutor who can provide one-on-one attention in a particular subject, academic skill building, or preparation for the ACT or SAT college entrance exam, the Huntington Learning Center can help enrich their academic journey.

The teachers at Huntington are state-certified and extensively trained. They are available to work around the busy lives of students, with programs to fit every schedule. Throughout each program, the director meets often with parents to discuss progress and, with parental consent, also conducts student-specific visits with schools and classroom teachers to ensure a coordinated effort of instruction.

Huntington has been successfully helping students achieve academic success, gain confidence and score as high as possible on standardized tests for more than four decades. Named after the family that started it all, Huntington is a family-owned company with its founders, Ray and Eileen Huntington, deeply involved in the day-to-day aspects of the business.

“Education is a priority in West County and we are committed to ensuring every child gets the best education possible,” said Executive Director David Huguelet.

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