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Inclusive, welcoming and engaged in the community

St. Francis’ Episcopal Church in Eureka has been an integral part of the community for the past 26 years and, in November 2017, the congregation gained a place to call its own.

The Rev. Sally Weaver, who became the church’s pastor in January 2010, said, “We designed the building to be a place the greater community could gather and use.”

Beginning in March, Friends of St. Francis Childcare Center will provide full-day daycare for children ages 2-5 within the building. For more information, visit www.friendsofstfrancis.net or call (636) 333-1870.

Pastor Sally said members of St. Francis excel at being present and active in their community; they volunteer, donate and participate in charitable causes all year long.

“We had this great idea that, together, we could be a vital part of the Eureka community and I think we have done that,” Pastor Sally said. “We really try to be engaged in civic events.”

St. Francis prides itself on being an exceptionally inclusive church. “When we say all people are welcome, we mean it. We don’t discriminate,” Pastor Sally emphasized. “It is a caring, warm congregation. Our boundaries are very porous. There is no hurdle to jump in order to feel like you’re welcome and a part of the community.”

The church’s mission is to help its members seek out their passions, to be a helping hand to those in need and to, above all, serve God. Visit St. Francis’ Episcopal Church’s Facebook page for pictures and visit its website for service times and to learn more.

602 Rockwood Arbor Drive 

[Use 602 Brewster Road for GPS directions]


(636) 938-3733


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