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Students share ‘Academic Snapshots’

Twin Oaks students show off their academic accomplishments

On Jan. 18, fifth- and sixth-grade students from Twin Oaks Christian School gathered to present “Academic Snapshots” – brief presentations to parents and friends highlighting what they’ve learned so far this year.

Students were given an opportunity to select a subject they were passionate about, decide on something from that class that they wanted to share and then choose how that would be presented. Knowing they would have an audience for their work, students poured themselves into their mini-projects with energy and enthusiasm.

Topics ranged from “How to Draw Geometric Shapes” to “Greek Mythology Influences in Modern Culture” to students delivering monologues from Shakespeare’s most famous plays.

The school said parents and students alike thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and declared the evening a success.

A Twin Oaks student shows off her “academic snapshot.”


“Academic Snapshot” night at Twin Oaks Christian Academy

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