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Chesterfield returns River Valley Drive property

By: Jim Erickson

River Valley Drive

The site of a once-proposed closure on River Valley Drive

The property initially given to the city of Chesterfield to facilitate building a turn-around for a road closure has been returned to the River Bend Subdivision trustees.

The Chesterfield City Council unanimously approved vacating the property located on subdivision common ground at 178 River Valley Drive. Although subdivision trustees earlier had conveyed the land to the city, it later was determined they didn’t have the legal authority to do so.

Most homeowners in the subdivision had urged River Valley Drive be closed at the Chesterfield city limits with Maryland Heights due to concerns that proposed development in the adjoining community would cause traffic and safety problems on the narrow, curve-filled roadway.

Chesterfield subsequently redesigned the road closure and cul-de-sac using only property dedicated by the River Bend Bath and Tennis Club and the existing River Valley Drive right-of-way.

The construction contract for the project received city council approval last August and the work was completed by yearend.

The council’s “housekeeping” action ensures the limits of the new right-of-way are properly noted in St. Louis County records.

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