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Chesterfield envisions possible boundary changes

By: Jim Erickson

The city of Chesterfield thinks it may be a good idea to consider changing some boundaries with two of its neighbors – Creve Coeur and Town & Country. The possibility of annexing an entire community such as Clarkson Valley and another adjoining area may not be a bad idea either.

Any such changes are far from certainty but the Chesterfield City Council will consider including them in a filing with the Boundary Commission, a body established by state law to review all proposals affecting the borders of incorporated and unincorporated areas in St. Louis County.

The Commission operates on a six-year cycle that includes a map plan phase and a proposal phase. Under the current cycle, municipalities have until July 1 to submit map plans reserving the right to pursue annexation during the proposal phase.

Including a proposed boundary change in a map plan doesn’t mean a municipality is obligated to pursue a revision. But any possible alterations not included now can’t be proposed again for another six years.

In addition, most boundary changes must receive Commission approval, as well as the okay of voters in the affected area.

At its Feb. 5 meeting, the council directed its Finance and Administration Committee to review three specific possibilities and make a recommendation to the full council as to what should be included in the city’s map plan phase submission. The areas involved are:

Clarkson Valley: With an estimated population of 2,628, Clarkson Valley has an area of about 2.7 square miles and immediately adjoins a portion of Chesterfield’s southern boundary. Chesterfield currently provides police service for the community under a contract approved last year. City Administrator Mike Geisel said Chesterfield has discussed the proposal with city leaders in Clarkson Valley. Their reaction, he noted, was to encourage the idea. However, he noted, other adjoining communities also may receive similar encouragement.

Westland Acres: This area is in the southwest area of Chesterfield off Strecker Road with another portion within Wildwood city limits. Chesterfield officials say they have been told that any development plans for the area are made more difficult by the necessity of obtaining approvals from two separate jurisdictions.

Hwy. 141 corridor: Construction of Hwy. 141 resulted in what Chesterfield views as illogical municipal boundaries between that city, Creve Coeur and Town & Country. Chesterfield has identified six parcels, totaling about 39 acres, that could move from Chesterfield to Creve Coeur. Two other Chesterfield tracts with a total of some 42 acres could be included in Town & Country, while four areas totaling approximately 25 acres now in Town & Country could become part of Chesterfield.

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