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Letters to the Editor: Feb. 21

Trump is against the Olympics

To the Editor:

The whole world is watching Pyeongchang. The Olympic Games are a powerful symbol of international cooperation and goodwill, while the spirit of the games represents the possibility of peace and progress in our time. Hope like that, especially on the Korean peninsula, is something sorely needed in these dark times.

Despite the clear possibility for shared progress toward peace, President Donald Trump and his administration seem to be doing all they can to stifle it. From disparaging other nations to spurning international agreements to seeking to make nuclear war easier to wage, Trump has done all he can to trample international goodwill. In short, Donald Trump and his team are the antithesis of the Olympic spirit.

As disheartening as outbursts from the president are, it is within our power to reverse the damage he has done; Congress has a wealth of options to do just that. I am calling on our members of Congress to demand the administration focus on diplomacy rather than military bluster, to oppose the nuclear agenda set forth by Trump at every dangerous turn and to censure his derogatory rhetoric. Perhaps, if we learned from the Olympic spirit rather than spat on it, we would find ourselves in a much less scary world.

John Crotty


Regarding ‘Concealed carry reciprocity’

To the Editor:

In response to Mary Gross’ attack on Rep. Ann Wagner’s support of House Bill #38, concealed carry reciprocity [all state’s concealed carry weapons [CCW] permits to be recognized in all other states], I’d like to point out that Ms. Gross has a dangerously short and very selective memory regarding the CCW law in Missouri.

The average citizen probably has noticed by now that, since Missouri has started issuing permits to CCW by qualified citizens and until now, exactly none of the desperate, crazy-times, rampant, Wild West shoot-outs, blood bath at every fender bender, every fist fight into death and destruction, murder and mayhem has occurred by citizens with permits. Very little even minor, misdemeanor problems with CCW has occurred but quite a few good people have saved themselves from the bad guys. There is no big problem with the CCW law. It is working. But, what do you think the anti-gun people would do to the CCW law, now, if they could? Even in the face of its obvious success?

But that is what the people of Missouri were misled, for years, into believing was going to happen if CCW passed in our state. That was the sort of junk that was spewed by the anti-gun ownership/hate groups cited by Ms. Gross in her letter against Rep. Wagner. And, even worse, is the underlying belief that these anti-gun people have, which is this: Guns are always bad. Nothing good about them – nothing. Just get rid of them. Throw the baby out with the bath water.

And yet, good people use firearms in self-defense all the time. Several studies have shown that as many as 2.5 million times each year in America, people use a gun to save themselves, and that doesn’t even consider the future down-side national implications of an unarmed and helpless American population.

These anti-gun people never consider the positive aspects of private ownership of firearms in America. They think that there is no “down side” to any new gun law. And they are deadly wrong!

Rep. Wagner is strong enough to be un-swayed by the hysterical, adolescent predictions by folks like Ms. Gross. History has proven the anti-self-defense people to have been wrong. History will show that Ann was right.

After all, our Missouri driver’s license is recognized in all the other states. Licenses of other sorts are recognized by the other states, and if we can be trusted to drive a 4,000-pound car or carry a small gun to defend ourselves and our loved ones here, in Missouri, why should we not be trusted to do so in other states?

Stay strong, Ann. Keep up the good work.

Dale A. Schmid

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