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Ameren commits $400,000 to examine local outages, upgrades in Wildwood

After a series of frequent and sometimes extended power outages near Wildwood wards 7 and 8 over the past 18 months, Ameren is committing $400,000 for upgrades and projects in search of solutions.

According to Councilmember Joe Garritano [Ward 8], some of the power outages have lasted up to seven hours for some ward residents. Ameren approached the city about the outages, and discussion regarding the issue lasted about a year before funding was officially proposed the week of Feb. 12.

According to Garritano, many of the outages have been concentrated in the Cherry Hills subdivision. Notifications of upcoming repair efforts will be sent to over 3,000 residents.

The project will involve multiple upgrades to cables as well as a comprehensive overview of the entire system, aided by aerial inspections of possible problem spots. Although no official timeline has been set, Ameren has begun inspections and the overall project is estimated to take a few months to complete.

According to Garritano, residents might notice an increase in trucks, equipment and crews from Ameren Missouri and other contractors in city neighborhoods.

“We’re really getting the needed attention on this,” Garritano said.

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