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Parkway approves changes to 2018-19 school calendar

By: Bonnie Krueger

Parkway is changing its school calendar, beginning with the 2018-19 school year.

The biggest change impacting families and students is in the 2-hour delayed start that currently falls on the first Wednesday of each month from September through April and correlates with in-service professional development days for teachers. Beginning in 2018-19, those 2-hour delayed starts are moving to the last Wednesday of the month from August through April.

Moving the delayed start days means fewer disturbances to class time in weeks with holidays that fall on Mondays in the same week, explained Communications Manager Annie Dickerson.

Another consideration in planning the school calendar is neighboring school district calendars. A special consideration is given to spring break, which in 2019 will be March 18-22. There are many families who work in one district, while their children are enrolled in another nearby, so many times they will be in sync.

Another hotly debated date is the first day of school, which will fall on Aug. 15 in fall 2018. Part of the criteria for selecting a start date is that it falls more than 10 days prior to the first Monday in September, which ensures that high school final exams are taken before winter break.

“This is always the challenge. No one wants to start too early in August, but we have to ensure students have a certain number of days in a semester, which ends at winter break,” Dickerson said at a recent PTO Leadership meeting.

The 2019-20 calendar, which the Board of Education approved at its Feb. 21 meeting, closely follows the 2018-19 calendar.

The 2018-19 calendar is available for viewing on the district website [parkwayschools.net]; however, the 2019-20 calendar is not yet available so as not to confuse parents if they are looking ahead to the next school year.





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